$75,000 Guaranteed GAPT Multi Day Event

January 16 - January 24, 2021

Save the Date for the $75,000 Guaranteed Great American Poker Tournament in 2021!

11 Flights | $165 Buy-in | 30 Min. Levels | 20,000 Units

  • Day 1A Saturday, January 16th | 12:10pm
  • Day 1B Saturday, January 16th | 5:10pm
  • Day 1C Sunday, January 17th | 12:10pm
  • Day 1D Monday, January 18th | 5:10pm
  • Day 1E Tuesday, January 19th | 5:10pm
  • Day 1F Wednesday, January 20th | 5:10pm
  • Day 1G Thursday, January 21st | 5:10pm
  • Day 1H Friday, January 22nd | 12:10pm
  • Day 1I Friday, January 22nd | 5:10pm
  • Day 1J Saturday, January 23rd | 12:10pm
  • Day 1K Saturday, January 23rd | 5:10pm
  • Day 2 Sunday, January 24th, 2020 | 11:10am 40 Minute Day 2 Levels
Tournament Format
  • Players start with 20,000 in non-value tournament chips (No Cash Value).
  • Blind levels are 30 minutes in length for Day 1 Flights and 40 minutes in length for Day 2.
  • Tournament uses the Big Blind Ante Structure.
  • Registration Period Ends at the end of the break after level 6. Approximately 3.5 Hours
  • Re-Entries are available through the end of registration. Forfeiting your stack to re-enter will be allowed during the level 6 break only.
  • Unlimited re-entries are permitted during the registration period for the total buy-in amount.
Tournament Information

Option 1: $165.00 ($135.00 to Prize Pool + $20.00 Entry Fee + $10.00 Staff).
Option 2: $165.00 ($135.00 to Prize Pool + $30.00 Entry Fee).

  • A single ante will be paid each hand by the Big Blind.
  • $500 for a GAPT Main Event Certificate will be withheld from the prize pool and awarded to First Place.
  • This Event is eligible for GAPT Player of the Year points.
  • In the event that a player can not fulfill their big blind and ante, the big blind will be fulfilled first with any remaining amount to be put in as the ante.
  • Payouts will be based on the number of entries into the tournament. Please refer to the payout sheet posted in the Tournament area of the poker room.
  • Players must check in to their table prior to the end of registration, or their seat will be forfeited and removed from play.
  • House Tournament and TDA rules are posted in the Tournament area.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age in order to participate.
  • Must have an active Daytona Beach or Orange City Racing and Card Club players card in order to enter.
  • Seats are sold on a first come, first served basis (No Phone-Ins).
  • Accepted forms of payment: Cash and/or Daytona Beach Racing and Card Club Gaming Chips.
  • Registration receipts are non-transferrable unless otherwise noted.
  • Unit values: Black 100, Purple 500, Yellow 1,000, Orange 5,000, Lavender 10,000, Blue 25,000, Red 50,000, Rust 100,000
Flight Information
  • Day 2 Dinner break will be added at the Tournament Director’s discretion.
  • All Day 1 Flights will play down to 15% of the field or the End of Level 13, which ever comes first.
  • Not everyone that makes Day 2 will be in the money. 15% of the field make Day 2, only 10% of the total field will make the money.
  • Day 2 will restart at the lowest level and time completed in the Day 1 Flights.
  • Players may have to be randomly assigned into flights if there is no availability.
  • Day 2 will begin at 11:10 am on Sunday, January 24 and play until completion. If the tournament has not ended by 3:00 am, players will bag their chips and return on Monday, January 25th at 3:00 pm for Day 3.
  • Players may play in as many Day 1 Flights as they wish, however, only the highest chip stack will move forward to Day 2. Any extra stacks earned will be taken out of play.
  • A valid ID will be required at the time of Day 1 bagging and to receive their bag on Day 2.
  • Any player found trying to play multiple stacks will immediately be disqualified from the event.
  • In the event that 15% of the Day 2 field or more is not present at the start of Day 2 due to unforeseen circumstances, management reserves the right to assess the situation and determine the best possible solution for all players.
Event Information
  • Tournament seats are non-transferable from player to player. The person who owns the ticket my change flights prior to the Flight starting. There will be no refunds or change of flights if a player misses their flight.
  • Players may late register through the first 6 levels (and break) of any Day 1 Flight.
  • Players that are in the tournament and bust out before registration closes can re-enter for the full buy-in amount based on seat availability.
  • Any player that pays for the tournament before registration is closed will receive a seat once it becomes available.
  • All late entries and re-entries will receive a full starting stack.
  • Winners must show a valid ID in order to collect any winnings. Residents of a foreign country without a U.S. tax treaty may be subject to withholding.
  • Pursuant to IRS regulations, W-2G forms will be issued for all winnings of $5,000 or more (net of buy-in amount).
  • Any player that does not produce a Social Security card will be subject to fill out a W9 form.

Management reserves the right to cancel, or to modify tournaments at its sole discretion and without prior notice. Daytona Beach Racing and Card Club will not be held responsible for typographical errors or misinformation on its website or in printed materials pertaining to tournaments; players will not have any claim with regard to errors and/or misinformation.

The Great American Poker Tournaments proudly acknowledges a Player of the Year by awarding points for tournament play in every "GAPT" sanctioned event. Players earn points based on place finished in a tournament. The Player of the Year will receive a trophy and tournament prize package. Please see Poker Room for full details and point structures.