Cracked Aces Promotion

Mondays • 10:00 am - *2:00 pm
*Now until 2:00pm!*

Mondays in August

When a player is dealt pocket aces (AA as their hole cards) and loses the entire pot in Texas Hold 'em games, the player will win the following:

*Update: The time has been expanded from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm with a cap of 20 Cracked Aces Payouts per day.

  • $100 in No Limit, 3-6 Limit and Above
  • $50 in 2-4 Limit

You Pick the Room! Play from Daytona Beach or Orange City and leverage the power of two Card Rooms!

  • Higher High Hand Payouts
  • Table the best hand in either Room to win BIG CASH!
  • Leveraging the power of two rooms!
Management Reserves the Right to Change, Cancel or Modify Promotions Without Prior Notice.