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Saturday July 25, 2017
7:25 Evening Races

Every On-Track Customer who has a first-half  Daytona Twin-Tri exchange winner in Race 3 will split the $2,000 DAYTONA TWIN-TRI EXCHANGE BONUS!
No need to correctly select the order of finish of the second half!

Correctly select the Daytona Twin-Tri order of finish in the first half on Saturday Evening August 27th and you are a winner! The $2,000 Twin-Tri Exchange Bonus is in addition to any winning paid from the first half exchange payout. If there is one exchange on track, then that one lucky customer gets $2,000! If there are ten exchanges on track, then those lucky customers each get $200.

Winners are subject to IRS reporting if the individual bonus exceeds $600. All winners of the first half Daytona Twin-Tri exchange should cash their ticket at any IRS teller window (Windows 104, 444 , and 502). All bonus payouts will be made after Race 5 is official.

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